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  • Bags, backpacks

  • Chargers 

  • One see through plastic waterbottle  

  • Snacks (can not be liquid nor stored in glass containers)

  • System cameras, Gopro-like cameras, selfie-sticks, tablets

  • Prescription drugs (you must show your prescription)

  • Unopened e-liquid, in a container which contents are easily recognizable 

  • Small fansigns

  • Unopened, max. 100ml hand sanitizer in original packaging 


  • Umbrellas

  • Glass containers

  • Drugs

  • Alcohol 

  • Other drinks

  • Firearms and sharp objects

  • Other weapons

  • Swiss army knives/multi tools, explosives, fireworks

  • Laser pointers, glowsticks, torches/flashlights and other similar objects

  • Baby carriages 

  • Collapsible chairs

  • Aerosols (examples: hairspray, sprayable deodorant, sprayable bug repellent)

  • Drones

  • Large fansigns 

  • Videocameras and sound recorders

  • License-free safety nebulizers (example. pepperspray)

  • Walkie-talkies

  • Pets

  • Safety vests, other similar vests and other similar clothing items

If a security guard or organizer perceives an object as dangerous or harmful, they have the right to confiscate it. 

There is a cloakroom at the festival location where you can store wanted objects.

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