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We recommend that you travel to the music festival by using the festivalbus (accountable to Kutilan Liikenne company), by foot or by Lähitaksi (a taxi company).


There are no parking spots on the site or in the nearby vicinity, so arriving by car is not possible. If you arrive by car ride we suggest the driver drops you off at the K-Citymarket parking lot. If you arrive from the south using the road E75 (Sodankyläntie) there is an exit to the right which takes you up to Kuusamontie which connects to the site and to the 



The Kutilan Liikenne company’s festivalbus travels in a 30-minute interval (or when the bus is full) from the town center to the site and back to the town center’s bus stop. The town center bus stop is located in front of the Half Moon nightclub and the bus stop on site is marked near the entrance. A one-way ticket on the bus costs 3€. Keep in mind that the bus only stops on the provided bus stops and will not take on passengers along the way.  


The first bus departs at the bus stop near the Half Moon nightclub

on Friday (11.8) at 14:00 am and on Saturday (12.8) 11:30 am.


Upon the closing of the music festival the buses returning to the town center will depart from the Ounaspalviljong intersection. Taxis will also take rides in front of the music festival’s entrance.

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